13 virtual PTA fundraising ideas

Each student will create their own fundraising page, and then ask their family members, friends, and community members to donate money on their behalf. (This is also known as peer-to-peer fundraising.) Set a per-student goal, like $100, to give students a concrete figure to aim for, or leave it open-ended. Here’s an example of how to set up a dance marathon campaign step by step. Use this infographic to help your event planning committee decide between different school auction ideas.
Make sure your students have permission to stay at school after classes. Encourage kids to come dressed in their most colorful (and scary) Halloween costumes. Make sure to have a prize pool to get people excited to participate. Have students participate in the fashion show as designers and models. Clubbing your fashion show with another school event is a great way to make sure you have a decent number of attendees. All you would need is a karaoke machine (which you could rent), a venue to host the event, such as a gymnasium or an auditorium.
Fundraising walks that include the whole family (including strollers) are an excellent use of your fundraising time and effort. Walks bring the community together for a fun and healthy activity. Including a t-shirt to wear with registration gives participants a keepsake for taking part in the event. Plus, they’re a great way to show off your event in the community with a sea of bright t-shirts walking through the neighborhood.
First, have students in each class bring in family recipes. Host a game night where students, parents, and faculty can enjoy a few games. To start selling stuffed mascots, find a company that can customize and ship stuffed animals to your school. You don’t even have to buy one; try to get it donated if you can!
They offer an array of aromatic products in addition to classic candles. With no upfront costs and a good profit margin, candles are a solid option. Make sure you set entry tickets at a price high enough to cover your expenses and still hit your fundraising goals.
With auctions, it can sometimes be more difficult to maintain high energy across the entirety of the event. Auction items, like museum memberships, that provide long-term value are perfect for school auctions because they can be easily adapted to stand alone or be bundled in a package. Dining-themed auction item ideas are great for filling out your auction with reliable performers. school fundraiser companies ’re not typically the big-ticket items that get donors in the door, but they’re excellent for driving revenue across the event as a whole. Have your donors feeling relaxed, recharged, and refreshed with a spa day package. With a themed spa day package for your auction, your guests will be excited to win their own assortment of relaxation and beauty products.
Below are 16 Valentine’s Day fundraisers for schools that we believe are both fun and will generate plenty of donations for your school. Give us an opportunity to show you how we can help your school. We know you could choose any school fundraising company, like an abc fundraising or even a gofundme for instance.
Invite students to come together and pay an admission fee to watch a new release or classic film while supporting an important educational program. You can even throw in a concession stand with popcorn sales and refreshment packages to boost fundraising efforts. Discover other fundraising ideas and products for your elementary school.